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"I am open to share my thoughts and techniques with you - I  have been teaching them for years in my workshops."

In the online tutorial section of the website, also known as Friends of Pascal, you can expect tips and tricks on different aspects of (nude) photography

  • working with models: finding models, directing models, making them -and yourself- feel at ease
  • exploring techniques: light and lighting, composition, perspective, etc.
  • defining your style: how to get access to your imagination, how to translate it into your imagery
  • legal aspects: model releases, copyright issues, etc
  • locations: finding locations, precautions to take, studio vs outdoor
  • equipment: for studio, for outdoor, for travel


"Friends of Pascal" will receive up to 15 personalised answers on their questions per year 



Sample question
Category Legal aspects: "A model agreed to pose for me, but objects to me exhibiting the image. Can she stop me?"

Yes she can! There is a huge difference between permission to take pictures and permission to use them. Don't ever confuse them - it could land you in all sort of trouble. The only way to prove that your have a legally binding agreement is to ask your model to sign a release. More...